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Some Servers Show, Some Don't....HELP!!
The problem I'm facing is that I have 8 dedicated servers and 5 are showing in LAN tab and the other 3 are not. All of them are updated and verified, set to SV_LAN 0, and all start up with "Connection to steam servers sucessful". All ports are forwarded correctly as I can see them through And you can directly type the ip or no-ip address to connect. These 3 servers are stumping me as to why they are refusing to show on the LAN tab like the other 5.

Any ideas?

no-ip address is

games and port
(these 5 show on LAN tab)
gmod SB 27015
zps 27016
cs:s 27017
gmod zs 27018
l4d 27019

(these 3 do not show on LAN tab)
dod:s 27027
tf2 27028
aoc 27029

Thanks in advance for any advice.
i dont know if this is your problem but when i put in -ip Xx.Xx.Xx.Xx in the start up line they dont show in the lan tabs anymore and is there a problem connecting to those three.
Nope, no problems. Everything works fine except you can't see them 3 on the lan tab. Others can see them in Internet along with the other 5. I think I've figured out that even though I got ports 20000-20050 opened on the router, steam won't show any servers above port 20022. I switch the port number to 20015-20021 on each of them 3 and then it showed like it should. kinda werid of steam to only allow 7 ports to show in lan tab even though the servers are dedicated.

All my server run the same parameters:
<path> -console -game <GAME> +map <MAP> -port <PORT> -maxplayers <#>

A good tool for people that are confused if their server is being showed to the "internet" instead of "LAN" is It tells you if the outside world can see your server and all mine pass sucessfully.

Kind werid deal i guess.
The reason why the other 3 are missing is because the LAN list only searches for servers on port 27015-27019 to prevent package storms on the LAN.

The only way to make them show on the LAN list is to add a new IP to your server and run the other 3 on that second IP, then they will show.
Like you said, they work on the internet, they work on LAN too, they just don't show up in the list because the ports they are broadcasting on aren't in the LAN range above.
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That's kinda what I figured. I'm familiar with running D.S.'s but not as experienced with scrds as I'd like to be.

I appreciate everyone's help in this matter and for comfirming what I thought was going on.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

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