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15% Off Game Servers |
To start off the holidays right, XtremeGameServers have the following deals going on for a limited time only. Price is for the live of the server!

Holiday Deal #1
Public 20 Slot CSS Server, 512FPS Boosted, 100Tick
Private 11 Slot CSS 1000FPS Boosted, 100Tick With High CPU Priority with 128 Slot SourceTV
20 Slot Ventrilo
For only $80.00 a month.

Holiday Deal #2
Public 18 Slot CSS Server, 1000FPS Boosted, 100Tick
Private 11 Slot CSS Server 1000FPS Boosted, 100 Tick with 128 Slot SourceTV
High CPU Priority on both servers
50 Slot Ventrilo
For only $ 135.00 a month

Holiday Deal #4
Public 12 Slot Left4Dead Server
25 Slot Ventrilo
For only $ 39.99 a month

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