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I am in need of help for my Garry's Mod server!
I have addons on SinglePlayer but how do I add gamemodes and addons on my dedicated online server so other people can use them and how do I change the name of my server and disable sv_cheats from the black box console? I also need to know how to make myself admin when I join in-game and do I type sv_lan 0 in console to make it to where other users can see it in the server browser or do I need to open ports? If anyone who reads this would like volunteer to join my Garry's Mod server to see if it works for them and help me, reply to my post or send me a PM.
1. You install addons the same way on the server as on your client
2. server name: (+)hostname <namehere>
3. sv_cheats 0, if you are doing it from a client use the RCon protocol.
4. For admin you need some kind of addon like ULX or ASS.
5. You need to open the SRCDS ports.
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