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Hi all

Would just like to introduce myself Molie they call me or Fudgepacker Smile

Some intersting threads here and useful stuff once you start reading through the whole posts.


I Downloaded Donner Night rc1 for our DOD:S and it seems that nobody can download the map unless they put it in there map list themselfs

The Famous "Missing Map" scenario, I have all downloads turned on in Server.cfg and i have the placed the map in the main DOD:S map directory and also in our DMR file "Dynamic Map Rotation" But still i have failed.

I have been on several forums asking the same question tbh and come to a grinding halt Sad

I have been told i can use bzip2 and our server will extract the files from a web space which we have just got.

But how does this bzip2 Work?
How do you install it on the web space?

If you could help me on this it would be appreciated without say.

Please Advise


Molie Wrote:they call me or Fudgepacker Smile

uhhhh . . . lol

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