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srcTV makes major lags?
Hello there!

I've got some crazy problem with mine servers. Let's start with basic informations:

2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core @ 3 GHz
8 x SAS HDD 146GB 15k rpm
100Mbit symmetric line

CS:S Server Setup: tick100, fps_max 600, 12 slots.

Everything was fine for weeks but from few days I've got problem when I rent our servers.. One of the servers was used for league matches:
12 players, srctv + relay proxy. We had like 100 spectators, and after like 20-30mins of game server started to lag: 300ms, dropping tickrate. In same time other servers on this machine had normal ping and tickrate, so it's not like cpu problem or connection.

I figured it out that must be some problem related with sourceTV cfg.
Cvar tv_maxrate was set to "0". Is it possible that this made this lag? For example 100 spectators, uses 25000 rate, and bandwith on server is getting killed by it.. Of course when players and spectators left server, everything was fine without restarting.

I think that problem starts after some amount of spectators, so that's why server lag is delayed.

I set now tv_maxrate 10000 but I need to know if this setting made problem, before I give servers again for league matches.

I would be grateful if someone could agree with my theorySmile
Nice, 100 spectators. It's great to play with big audience Smile Which match did you host?

Did you have it like this:

SERVER 1 = main server = 5 vs 5 + SourceTV
SERVER 2 = relay TV connected to SERVER1 SourceTV = 100 spectators

This way the main server can be dedicated and priorised over the relay TV.

I've seen lag on the server if spectators flood lots of text. I had lowered the "say wait interval" (or whatever it is) to around 1 second, and that's why when there were 100 spectators some people thought it was good idea to flood the chat and then everybody flooded the chat and the main server got laggy. However the lag wasn't constant 300 ms.

Could you post rest of the configs you had related to SourceTV.
Well, the matches had place in some major league in my country Smile

And yeah I'm talking exactly about this:

SERVER 1 = main server = 5 vs 5 + SourceTV
SERVER 2 = relay TV connected to SERVER1 SourceTV = 100 spectators

Configuration of sourceTV was (chat disabled):

tv_autorecord 0
tv_delay 90
tv_maxrate 0
tv_maxclients 2
tv_relayvoice 0
tv_transmitall 1
tv_chatgroupsize 0
tv_chattimelimit 0
tv_name "name"
tv_title "name"
tv_relaypassword "pw"
tv_password "pw"
tv_enable 1

I added now to this list:

tv_snapshotrate 24
tv_delaymapchange 1
tv_dispatchmode 2
tv_maxrate 80000

Any ideas?
No idea. All I can think of is some sort of bandwidth problem. You said you have 100 Mbit connection, so it shouldn't be that either. Maybe your ISP is limiting or doing traffic prioritizing. Can you see network statistics during the game? I don't think your sourctv settings are the reason for the lag (at least directly, but they could cause of course too much traffic, which leads to lag, but at least theoretically it's not like that).
After some testing it's not sourceTV problem;/

We played some 5on5 scrims on servers, and after about 20 minutes server started to generate higher ping (from 15-20 to 60-80 and more). In same time other servers had good ping, and stable fps.. Bandwidth is not limited.

I know that CS:Source needs lot of resources, so maybe it's problem of server configuration? It runs on default kernel without any modifications. Tweaking some kernel functions would fix it? Or it could be rather other problem.

(Other games like cod4, cs 1.6 or running fine. Got problems only with CS:S).

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