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Ok....ive installed mani and mm. When i go to start my server it comes up with a crap load of unknown commands like unknown command: tk_burn_time. Any help? i followed the tutorial exactly as it said.
1. Please post this in the correct sector(forum).

1.2. Can an admin remove it?

2. Since it comes up with unknown commands, you haven't installed it right!
Yep, mani isn't loaded.

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well i did every thing exactly right. I dont kow what I did wrong.
did you make the vdf file that goes along with mani
helixo Wrote:did you make the vdf file that goes along with mani

The mm-version doesn't need the vdf-file. VSP version does.
i did and did so with mm also but it still doesent want to work.
u should post ur umm files setttings so ppl can see it maybe ur missing a cmd like \
exec mani_server.cfg
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