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Easy Server Install Program
I made a quick installer that easily installs HL2: Deathmatch or CSS server files.

Its default installation directory is C:\Srcds

Once it is installed, you naviagate to that directory, and either click on hl2mp_install or css_install, it does the rest. Just click it and let it go. There is no need to install HLDS update or anything, its all in here.

Download Here:
Wow this worked great! I never have to use the cmd thing again 2 update!!! U should get a noble prize
lol, no problem man Smile
Well It is nice put but it aint working really good it gives this error:
Extracting SRCDS\HldsUpdateTool.exe
CRC failed in SRCDS\HldsUpdateTool.exe
Unexpected end of archive
Plz help me
this will do it and install most mods that are available now:

i didn't write it but i checked it out, it does what it says it does.....

EDIT: can't read french? then go here:

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