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CS Evolution mod pack
for all you people that have problems installing the dedicated server and mods:

download the config pack and run it, it will give you options to pick mani, eventscripts (with a lot of popular scripts), sourcemm, 2 zombie mods and a lot more. the good thint is that you get to configure them in a nice GUI environment. if it doesn't find an SRCDS install it will even ask you if you want to install it!!! if all you want to do is generate the configs, answer "no" to the srcds install and it will create all the configs and the right folder structure, then upload/copy to your server and you're all set.

i've tested it in windows and it works great. they say it works for linux but it may be just to generate the config on a windows machine and then you upload it to your linux box.

mods included:
Pack contents :
- Mani Admin Plugin 1.2 Beta N RC2.12
- Metamod:Source 1.3 (1.3a linux)
- Mattie Even Script 1.2.1 Beta 005

- Ace Invisible 3.4.69
- Ace Reboot 3.1.77
- Ace Survivor 2.2.78
- Anticamp Script 1.3.4
- BulletTime 1.6c
- CSE Menu
- EinsStealth 1.1
- G-Cam 2.0
- Gun Game MOD (Internet) & ( LAN)
- Headshot Only 1.0
- Ich elimination 0.3 Beta
- Jailbreak Mod 0.1
- Mattie's Boom Script 0.2 Beta
- Mattie's KnifeSyphon 0.3
- MugMod 0.71
- OddBlood v1.0
- Predator Mod 2.3 Beta
- PuppetPunish v1.0
- Radio 1.1
- Real-mod 1.3.2
- Script de décompte de la bombe (By Nicolous)
- Starwars 1.0
- Supers Villain 1.0
- Time Left Addon 2.0.1
- TKSound 1.0
- Warcraft 2.0.6 Tweaked
- Zombie horde 1.2 (windows) + map zh_laststand_final

- Clanmatch-Plugin
- CS:S Deathmatch 0.95
- CSS RPG 1.0.4
- CVAR Block 0.9
- Damage Given Mod v1.0
- ES Tools 0.416d
- GoreMod 3.2.5
- Jetpack 1.0.5
- Stripper:Source 1.1a
- Spectator ESP 1.00 RC9
- VIP Mod 1.0.E
- zBlock 2.0.5 [EuroCSS]
- Zombie Mod 1.2.4
- Zombie horde 0.3.2 (linux) + map zh_laststand_final

3 Admin Skins Pack
I'll check it out and see if it's any good, thanks for telling Smile
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Iv tried it and it seems good but not all the mods listed i cant seem them :S

Troy. Smile
troyton Wrote:Iv tried it and it seems good but not all the mods listed i cant seem them :S

I had to dig a little too, if it's part of Eventscripts, you have to click on "Eventscripts" in the main menu to enable/disable them. There's quite a few levels to it, I don't think I've found them all yet either.
Ok thanks il redownload it! ^^

Troy. Smile

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