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My rcon
Hey, if i give my rcon password to my mate and he tryes to use rcon_password PASSWORD
Then rcon say test
He gets unable to connect to host-
I have forwarded 1200- 1200.. :S
Do you have -ip <server-ip> in startupline?
why 1200? RCON uses TCP27105 i believe.
i believe that's used for steam friends
oh, sorry, is it 27105? youre sure?

Hehehe, 1200 is for steam friends ? :O Big Grin haha sorry then.. shall i forward 27105 TCP only? or UDP?
27015 TCP is RCon, UDP is the gameserver port
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UDP 1200 (used for friends service)
UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive
TCP 27020 to 27050 inclusive
UDP: 27015 and 27020 (default HLDS, SRCDS and HLTV port)
TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

Startup parameter -ip <local ip>

Forward ports to local ip. Enable DMZ when it doesn't work.
i have forwwarded 27005 27015 UDP AND TCP so it should work???

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