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L4D Accepts password but nothign else
Hi All,

I have a L4D Dedicated server running on an internal (behind a NAT) linux server. My NAT/Firewall rules allow for UDP&TCP 27000-27039 and UDP 1200.

The Linux Server is, and has been for years, running a CSS server without any issues (port 27015). Server is locked by a password.

Yesterday I updated srcds to run a Left 4 Dead server as well (port 27016). I've also set this server up to be locked by a password. I can connect to this server fine on the local lan (inside my firewall, internal IP (, but my friends are having an issue connecting to it externally (Yes, I'm giving them the external IP).

They can get a connection to the server fine and it prompts them for the password. But once they enter the password, their connection times out. I was wondering if L4D server actually has to know what the external/apparent IP is, and if so how do I tell it.

I haven't found any other ports I need to NAT advertised on the net at all? If I run a normal in game server on my Windows box, my friends can connect to that fine.

Any suggestions as to what I'm missing?


Val Con.
Does nobody have any ideas Sad? The report from the friend that is trying to connect for me is...

I still cant connect to your server, it asks for the password, which I give and
then tells me I cant connect.

Any thoughts?
Do you by any chance run multiple instances of the server? Because when you use the -fork option the server won't start properly if you don't specify a map.

I start my server with:

./srcds_run -ip YOURIP +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 +sv_password "password" -fork 2 +exec server_cfg##.cfg +hostport 27015 +map "l4d_hospital01_apartment"
Val Con yosPhelium, I highly suspect you and I are having the same problem.

I hope someone has an answer to this sooner than later. I am not forking, only running a single instance.
Looks like it might be a known issue. Hopefully Valve will save the day soon!
Guys idont need this i need pass for my left 4 dead Sad

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