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E6600 box
Getting my hands on a E6600 box for our community, was wondering if this seems like a good load:

TF2 32 slots @ 33 tick on one core.

3 x 24 slots @ 66 tick CS:S on the other core.

Would that run ok? Just want a second opinion to make sure.

Clan of Doom:

I've used the E6600 on LAN parties, I got about 50 slots @ 100 tick CSS per core (quite a bit of load, like 80-90%)

So the above should work.
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Oooh nice.

I'll see how it goes.
Clan of Doom:

It has been a while since I ran servers, but if I remember correctly, TF2 is 66 tick. No 33 or 100.
It is 33 tick, currently run 2 33 tick servers.
Clan of Doom:

tf2 only doesn't allow to set ticrate above 66

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