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Hlstats Requirements
I am trying to setup my own hlstatsx on my website and i having trouble with it. I trying to figure out what Perl modules hlstats uses?
any help would be appreciated
Wasn't the free version of hlstatsx discontinued?
there are still people continuing hlstats like and i still have a copy of hlstatsx
Requires Perl V5 or above with the DBI Perl module. If it doesn't work out for you try Psychostats.
correct me if im wrong, but dont you have to pay for psychostats?
no its free
I am having trouble with my hlstats and i cant access any other pages like admin. it just keeps refreshing the main page. i had this problem locally then i installed perl and worked fine. if any can help that would be super,
its funny i think i remember seeing this place that was selling these? maybe im wrong
Yeah, some GSPs charge for hosting Physcostats.

We are now offering free Phyxcostats hosting if anyone is interested. Of course there is a little banner we put on there, nothing crazy though, small little powered by logo.
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