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Counter Strike Source Deticated Server "Not Responing"

Today I want to run my own Counter Strike Deticated Server.

1. I downloaded the HLDSUpdateTool here.

2. Followed this tutorial here.

3. Configurated my router DMZ to my server (

The problem part I quess
I needed to run srcds.exe via Command Prompt. But when I look into my installation folder: E:\Valve\HLServer\ the file srcds.exe doesn't excists.

I did some research and found that I could run hlds.exe GUI. I started the server via that file. But when I tryed to log on the server via counter strike (my laptop).

- I couldn't find the server in the list>
- Add to favorites didn't work... ? :S

When I press: Add server in the favorites list let him search for response for the server, it says: Server isn't responing.

- I tried my external and internal IP both without result.
- I tried to reinstall the whole deticated server pack.
- I tried running it via console.
- I tried other port.
- I checked the firewall on the server or router.

Alll without result. I have runned a game server before but this didn't work for me.

Can someone help me please?
[Liefst Nederlandse reacties natuurlijk Big Grin]

Kind reqards,

Volgens mij heb je counterstrike 1.6 geinstalleerd als je wel hdls.exe hebt.

Voor CSS hoor je te updaten voor -game "Counter-Strike Source", NIET -game cstrike.
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Hey there,

A quick note. Are you trying to connect to your public IP (WAN Address) or your Private IP(LAN Address)?

You can check both here:

You best bet is to create a shortcut to the game with a command like Drocona had posted above.
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