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Map Load Times
It seems when I have our L4D demo servers running, map load times suffers greatly.

When they are running, it can take a tf2 server over 30 seconds to load a map during a mapchange.

Shut the servers off, it will take less than 10 every time, sometimes instant.

I was thinking it could be the low ram amount (2 gig) we have on the server not sure though.

I don't think it's CPU load, it never goes over 45% as a whole.

It's a Centos 5.2
Quad Core Xeon 2.4 GHz (Q6600 really)
250gig hard drive
2gig ram

We run 4 big game servers
3x 24 slot TF2, one was full at the time
1 CSS, was half full at the time
1 Insurgency, was empty

and as many as 10 l4d demo servers

However, it seemed that with only one running, load times were hindered, that's why I am not too sure about the ram.

What's the most likely cause?
Just curious, what is your hard drive speed? Do you know how much RAM the demo servers are taking up? The demo server files also have seem to have many problems, maybe this is one?
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I think it's a 7200rpm sataII

They take up around 4-8% each memory

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