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slots calculations, can't understand lol
well I have been trying to find a decent rate on what will run number of slots and stuff, and ever singel time I hear different from people.. so I guess am going to give my spaces and maybe someone could help me out..

Double Xeon 2.8 GHz (Quad 2.8 GHz I guess)
100mbit connection

for some reason my connection seems to only be 10mbit, I hope my colocation company isn't ripping me off, does give accurate rates ? thx!

cuz am getting this...
[Image: 354362653.png]
Speedtest one of the trust worthy ones - Old School Gaming
[Image: b_560x95.png]
good to know, time to stop the bullshit with my host then and maybe co-locate it to somewhere else if they don't hook me up with the 100 mbit.
You will run out of bandwidth before you cap out on max players. Depending on what game, a quad xeon will hold quite a bit. However, you will probably be pushing around 10mbps if not more with it full.

Who are you colocating with?
CSS and L4D servers, its not an actual quad but its two duals, which I guess makes it quad, I don't get it ? what do you mean by pushing around 10bps if not more with it full?

am colocating with a company in my hometown, somewhat partner of RIM.
I'll give you some current accurate rates you can use:

33 tickrate: 40kbps per player (increments the more slots you get, 30 slots will use like 80kbps per player)
66 tickrate: 96kbps per player (same as above, 30 players will do about 160kbps per slot)
100 tickrate: 130kbps per player (same as above, 20 players (100tick cap) will do maximum of 200kbps per player)

That CPU sounds like a Pentium4 based Xeon, which is most likely 2 physical CPU's with SINGLE cores, so 2 CPU's total.
That holds like a total of 60-70 slots running @ 100 tickrate.

A 100 mbit connection holds around 650 slots running 100 tickrate, you won't be maxing that with the current available CPU's Smile
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sounds very very good, much thanks man!

anywyas just an another question, why do I see this here :S

.jpg   4 CPUz.jpg (Size: 155.13 KB / Downloads: 15)
The "hyper threads" must show as a processor.
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when I right click on MyComputer I see this, "Windows Server Standard without Hyper-V"
Can you get the actual full name of the server processor?

If it's an Exxx or Xxxx it's one of the new quad core xeons
if it isn't it's a pentium 4 based with hyperthreading or it "might" actually have 4 physical CPU's OR even 2 dualcore pentium xeons.....

Anyway, you'll have to figure that out, my best guess is on the hyperthreading part.
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