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Questions about srcds
I was thinking about getting a new computer for a server, but would it be better to just get one from a website? And if so, which website? And if a computer is better, what should I get with the computer?
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An online server?
You're better off buying a dedicated server unless you have a lot of dedicated bandwidth on your home connection.
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
I myself bought a dedicated server from eBay, a dell 1750, bought some extra ram and an extra processor and now colocated it at a host at my hometown which has a 100mbit connection, that is pretty much the best thing you can do, so your not paying about 400 bucks for a good dedicated server... and not a virtual machine..

Good luck.
What is an example of good bandwidth? Like right now, mine is:
Download speed: 3583 kb/s
Upload speed: 473 kb/s
Latency: 54ms
Is that good?
EDIT: My upload speed jumps around like a kangaroo. It is usually between 3.4k and 3.8k
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That connection won't get you anywhere, looking around 6 players 33 tick MAX for that, thats for CS:S.
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So what website should I get my server from?
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You might wanna hold off until your older - Old School Gaming
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To start, I would recommend just renting out a single gameserver to learn the very basics.

There are so many gameserver providers out there...
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I already know how to set one up (I got wcs & zombie on the srcds on my comp). I just want to know a good website. I know about, but I've heard about other websites that are cheaper...
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Those are some of the major players in the server market that are good. You can get some great information about the gsp from GspReport
I wouldn't touch

Played on a few of their servers, some were just plain laggy and others just didn't feel nice to play on.

Also, never heard anything bad about INX Gaming, played on their servers too, thought they were really nice.
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I keep forgetting a lot of you guys live in Europe
Oh yeh, would probably help if you told us where abouts you want this server.
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Los Angeles or maybe somewhere in the middle of US, Europe, and Canada.
EDIT: Well, is the cheapest (by about $100!)
I like paying yearly because it is much cheaper. For some reason, is the same stats, and $100 dollars more, velocity is $300 more, and nfoservers and galoregamers are $200. Thank you for helping me!
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I've heard are way too big and overload their servers.
Same goes for only worse.

Also just a tip, always try the server a few months with a monthly contract! Yes it's just a tad bit more expensive but it's better to be able to stop the service if it's bad! If you pay for a year your money is gone and you will have nothing for it.
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