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Allowing sv_cheats (I'm not cheating) for only one player and reserving a slot in L4D
Ok, long title, I know.

I'm currently running a server successfully on Left 4 Dead (I know. The irony.)

I made a mod for it to take advantage of some console commands to let the admin (me) be the AI Director.

The hitch is that these console commands require the 'sv_cheats 1' cvar to be enabled. Although, with that, other players are cheating in-game and ruining it for others.

Is there a way to only allow it for one player (me)?

Also, second question, Is there a way to reserve a slot on L4D for me?

Well you can execute some commands, like creating certain bosses and changing server settings with rcon but to create a zombie where your mouse is pointing for an example, you need sv_cheats and I am pretty sure it doesn't work per person.
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If the sv_cheats command is enabled it's enabled for everyone.
If you can write plugins/mods, you can make a function where it enables sv_cheats to use the given command and disable it right after, this way other people can't abuse it and only you can execute the commands.

You need a plugin for reserved slots too...
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I want to make this mod compatible with eventscripts, does anyone know of any way to get eventscripts working on the l4d demo?

Also, thanks so much for the help thus far. The "enables sv_cheats to use the given command and disable it right after" is genious, I wish I had thought of it.

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