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Lagging server
I'm an owner of a dedicated server, and all the CS:S servers (and probably other games aswell) I set up, gets the players lag spikes, which is quite disturbing when playing. I posted another thread before ( - you can also see the PC specs here, and it's connected with 100Mbit line). I managed to get completely rid of the choke and the TickRate drop by doing this:
sv_minrate 70000
sv_maxrate 80000

However, it's weird that all the servers have the maxrate setting set at about 30000, which makes me think this isn't right tho it gets rid of the choke and TR drop. So this problem occured now ... we all get lag spikes at every 10 seconds when moving (when this happens the pings from the players remain at normal value, the tickrate remains at 100, the choke remains at 0, the loss remains at 0, so what the hell is causing this disturbing crap?^^). Oh and before when the maxrate was set to 30000, the gameplay was even more horrible, because of 40 choke :O ...

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