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Tickrate drop & choking on a great machine
I'm not really a pro when it comes to PC, but I guess this sounds like a good machine:

Dedicated Intel QuadCore
2U Rackmount Chassis, best cooling, 400W EPS Zippy
Intel Core2Quad Quadcore Q6600, 4 cores each
2,4 Ghz, 2x 4MB Cache
Intel DQ965GF Mainboard, VGA and Gigabitlan onboard
3x 2048 MB DDR2 Ram, PC667, Kingston
250 GB HDD, Maxtor, 7200 RPM, SATA2, 16 MB
1000 GB Traffic

Now, I have a 11 slot TickRate server setup with 100TickRate, and the choke and tickrate drop is sometimes horrible. As we play wars on the servers, nearly every opposing team whines about the choke and TR drop (on de_inferno the choke nearly never goes to 0, except on the spawn, and during the play it can jump up to 30 or even 40 choke, and the TickRate drops all the way down to 85-90. I have the rates set with 25000 / 100 / 100 just as any other player, and on other servers I don't experience such gameplay. So, do you really need a much better machine than this to prevent such choke, or do you think there is something wrong with the server?

Oh and the server is plugged with 100Mbps connection...

Thanks y'all
OS is 64 bit? Have you already updated your kernel?
What distro you using? As your in the Linux section your using a linux distro Smile

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