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Hello, I own a dedi server that uploads game server files regulary.

I have a problem. The dedi servers will not allow any .dll files to be uploaded through FTP's. the .dll file can be uploaded if I go directly to the dedi server through remote desktop and download from a website or if I upload the file from a .zip/rar and then extract through remote desktop.

Can anyone help me as I am in URGENT NEED OF HELP

If you are trying to upload .ddl files while the game server is running it won't work. Stop the server then upload.
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Tried that and it doesn't work
What's the problem you are having exactly?
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I can not upload .dll files through any FTP to a dedi I own. This is not just my computer, it is other people as well.

I have been told that it is the Server FTP on my dedi but we use TCAdmin on our dedi to give users FTP details etc. I have been told that we could get the company that we rent the server from to upload tha server FTP but this could mess with our TCAdmin and ruin the system. So we are stuck

we want to know if there is a way of allowing the dedi to accept .dll files to be uploaded without messing with uploading/downloading sofware to much.

You'll have to talk to your GSP about that, if they block it you better not go try and get around.
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