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100% CPU Usage
One of my srcds servers has been having a really bad problem lately with 100% CPU usage. The mod its running is Zombie Master, and even with sourcemod/metamod disabled, cpu still spikes to 100% on occasion.

Server Specs:
Dual Core Dual Processor Intel Xeon 3Ghz (8 Virtual Cores)
120GB SATA II drive
4GB Ram
Windows 2003 Server Standard
100Mbit connection on a OC48 network at a Datacenter

Each server runs on its own core. srcds fps booster is also running to increase the system timer.

Any idea how i could stop this? None of the other servers reach 100% cpu usage, they go to around 60% to 80% max. This particular server lags a whole lot most of the time and on occasion has massive lag spikes (that coincide with 100% cpu usage).

Here is the command line i have on the server:

-console -game zombie_master -secure -autoupdate +map zm_crocodile_v4 +log on +maxplayers 16 +ip +port 27015 +exec server2.cfg -tickrate 33 +fps_max 600 -nocrashdialog
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Zombie mod is pretty hard on a server. I seen you say (8 Virtual Cores)
If you're running them as a virtual server that would most likely be the reason.
There's no virtual server, its just one installation of the OS. But each server is running on its own virtual core.

By virtual core i mean hyperthreading.

2 CPU's
Each CPU has 2 cores

Hyperthreading is enabled on each CPU, so that means there are:

4 Virtual Cores per CPU x 2 CPU's = 8 Virtual Cores.

There are 4 physical cores though.

I know that ZM is hard on windows servers, but the other windows servers i've seen don't suffer from as much lag as mine does. I dont know if its because the windows build is crap, i haven't heard any problems with the linux build but i can't switch to linux (hosting some servers that only have windows builds).
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You are running the older model CPU's. You are also running HyperThreading and SRCDS has never ran good with hyperthreading CPU's.
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yes, there should be an option in your bios to disable hyperthreading. like derek said, it works like crap with srcds.

Ok than.

Thanks for the help Big Grin

The model of CPU i'm running is Intel® Xeon® Processor 5050
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I had better luck running on a P4 with hyperthreading enabled then with it disabled...
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I did some research and on hlds mailing list, people there also suggested turning it off because srcds doesnt like it.

So what do i do? Turn it off or leave it on?

It's somewhat complicated for me, since i have to physically do the bios modification myself at the datacenter.
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You can leave it on, just don't use the virtual cores.

I do the same with my Hypertheading Pentium 4, I only use 1 core, not the virtual, then all is fine.
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Mooga Wrote:I had better luck running on a P4 with hyperthreading enabled then with it disabled...

all it does (when running a single instance of srcds) is increase the amount of context switching -- which is bad for performance. i suspect there are other things in play. i have never heard of a situation where hyperthreading improved performance for a single instance of srcds, and techincally it doesn't make sense.

srcds is not multithreaded, a single instance of it cannot make use of more than a single CPU (or logical CPU in this case) at once.

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