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Some questions PLIZZ
I have a 24 slot on my network ( 18/1 network) on my Secundary computer ( Celeron® M560 - 2,13GHz , 2048 MB ) and my first question is: could i get a server with 24 slots ? Big Grin

Second question: my srcds.exe gui doesnt work.. i have to make All the business by command :S:S:S xD

How can i make my server tic 100? our 66??
1. Celeron®, isn't preffed to run with SRCDS.
I don't know that much about them, but 24 slots, hmm should be possible if its 33TICK. (Don't know with 66TICK, and not with 100TICK)
Also, if you wanna run with a 100TICK server, on that network, you can't. (EDIT: 33TICK might do).

2. ---

3. Use -tickrate 100 in your startup parameter.
The maximum amount of slots on a 1 mbit connection is 14 players 33 tickrate!

You can start the gui by just leaving the -console commandline parameter out.
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