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Css Dedicated sever mani admin error
I have installed mani admin and done everything but now when im in game i press the binded key and the menu comes up but then when i press 1 it just disappers and i get
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: cmd
comes up in the console can any one help me pls..
Just some troughts:

1. You're using Steam Dedicated Server.

2. You're using an OLD version of Mani Admin Plugin (v1.1)
Wat Server shud i use then ? and wat version of mani shud i use?
1. Download the HLDSUpdateTool from
2. Then goto
3. Follow the guide
4. Portforward your router
5. Play a game Smile

- 6. Allways take the newest version, for better performance!
- In this case you'll need Mani Admin Plugin Version 1.2_beta_S
Download it here:
(Just click on the link)
Side note: If you're running your server off of a windows platform, you need to get 1.2 beta o, or else your server will crash, I believe.
No, I use 1.2 Beta S on a Windows and there's no problems.

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