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Black Hole/Big Bang Theory
Is there any one who have heard about it?

Its going to be started today!

Theres a Video here:

The project: The point is to simular the Big Bang, with a machine who trows around with particals and they will reach a speed on 300.000 KM pr. sec.(Speed of the light)

They'll be trown around and when they reach max speed, they will be fused together(And thats what couses Black Holes(In the Theory))

Its in a 27KM long pipe in Wien, Austria.

It's powered by magnets along the pipe (The pipe goes around in a circle)

I'm not sure what partical they will use.

Ps. The machine takes 40days to "Warm-up" to max speed.
Pss. I dont remember the project name.

I'll post more, if you know something about it, post in a reply.
This is the official press release

They didn't go in full speed yet. They'll do lower speed tests for few weeks, so we still have few weeks to live.

It's called LHC (Large Hadron Collider).
interesting. . .
Ryan White
Owner & CEO

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