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Server is a bit laggy / skipping
I have a pretty good system and connection, i'm wondering what are the settings to improve server fps? Like what settings do you guys have to improve tickrate and maxupdate rate and stuff like that?
What's your connection? What game and how many slots are you hosting (at what tick)?
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Mooga Wrote:What's your connection? What game and how many slots are you hosting (at what tick)?

Shaw extreme
10mbps download
1mbps upload

I'm hosting CSS with 20 slots, i believe 100 tick
(i put -tickrate 100 in command line) <--- is this correct?
how can i find out what my tickrate is?
1 mbps upload, isnt enought for 20 slots with 100tick.

You can find out of tickrate with Mani admin plugin.
you can use fmnpstimingsrv
tath boosts up your fps
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1mbit will hold 14 players 33 tickrate, nothing more

An FPS booster will have the FPS of the server high, either Windows media player or srcdsfpsboost.exe can do this (just run it)
These will allow 512 FPS for windows, however when you play a game at the same time as you run the server all the power will go to the game, that's why you can't host and play on the same computer, no matter how good of a system you have.

Oh and tkjdejong, I ahve no idea what you are on about, I just don't get what you are saying at all....
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