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sv_downloadurl help:

I am using the sv_downloadurl variable on a server I am admin at. Everything is uploaded, but there is one problem.

This server runs zombiemod. I had uploaded the wrong zombie models before, but now the correct ones are on the server.

The problem is, clients still download the incorrect models when the connect to the server, even though the new models that are correct have been uploaded and the old models deleted.

Same happens with maps. If I upload a new map, it still won't download to clients. They get a CRC error. With maps, after a few days they work. The models aren't working though.

Why is this happening? Any ideas welcome.
You have the files on both fastdl and server side?
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DerekRDenholm Wrote:You have the files on both fastdl and server side?

yes, files are the same and are synchronized on the webserver and gameserver.
does anyone have any ideas? I have a map and a model that won't download even though the correct versions are on the server and the webserver! they have been like that for the past week or so and still won't download :/

Do the files download from the webserver at all?
Are you sure the document tree is an exact copy?
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change the name of the models or dictionary, lets say the location is cstrike/sounds/zm/ , make it cstrike/sounds/zm1/ and make the script get the files from that folder instead of zm..

if the same name is applied people will always get an error since they already have a version of it, CSS does not override files I don't believe.

for maps, I guess your talking about maps your working on, add a beta_1, beta_2 to the end of each map you make...

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