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Could Not Establish Connection to Steam Servers
I have this problem that when i start my server, i loads all the configs, mani ect and then it comes at last with an error, "Could Not Establish Connection to Steam Servers". The weird thing is that it worked just fine yesterday.. now today it doesnt work at all.. Only for me at LAN.

The server is hooked up directly to the internet, meaning no firewalls or routers or anything, so no portforwarding suggestions, please.

Unless you are starting this server at port 27020, I'd take a second look at anything that could be blocking, I've been running servers directly on the internet for years, not once has it not been able to connect for nothing.
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Does the message "VAC secured..." show up?

I have this same problem sometimes. I usually just leave the console up till I see the VAC message, then kill the server. Next time I launch the server it works.
Are you sure you didn't install anti-virus software which had built-in firewall? No changes means no changes. Something changed on your server, so something definitely has happened? Did you have tons of uptime, and you've already forgot the software you tried three months ago?

I recommend restarting the server, but obviously you've tried that already. Try to uninstall all plugins (for example rename addons/ directory) and see if it works better. You could have some plugin that's messing the server.

You could also try totally fresh clean install to verify that nothing has changed on your ISP either. If clean server doesn't get connection to Steam servers, then your ISP may have blocked/restricted some "weirdo" 27015 ports etc.

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