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How many slots
Have another question on how many slots..

Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz - SCSI
100 Mbps Uplink


Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz - SCSI
100Mbps Uplink

Also, how much bandwidth would a 32 slot 100 tick server take in a month?

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These are old P4 based CPU's.

on #1, maybe 20-30 slots per core
#2 30 slots per core

32 slots * 20KB/s = 640KB/s = 5mbit/s
640KB/s * 60 * 60 * 24 * 30 = 1658880000 KB = 162000 MB = 1582 GB = 1.54 TB
Server 80% full (which is VERY popular): 1.54 TB * 0.8 = 1.24 TB per month traffic
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I might have missed something but how did u get from 640KB/s to 5mbit/s?
helixo Wrote:I might have missed something but how did u get from 640KB/s to 5mbit/s?

The "640" is in kilobytes, and the "5" is in megabits. The conversion is done by multiplying bytes by 8. There's 8 bits in one byte. Thus, 640kB*8 ~ 5120kb ~ 5Mb (note: It's not 5 MB, small b means bits, capital B means bytes, everybody mix these all the time).

Network speeds are usually mesasured in bits, so that's why he converted bytes to bits. Now you can see that if you've got 10mbps connection, you can host the servers requiring 5mbps bandwidth easily.

I wouldn't say the bandwidth usage is so high per player. I would use something like 15kB for one player. So, my estimation is around 4Mbps.
Also, I wouldn't run 32 slots at 100 tickrate. I would at least go to 66 tickrate, 33 tickrate even better.
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