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Very strange map download problem..
I have been having a problem with map downloads on my Garry's Mod server that logically should work fine (I have strictly followed the sv_downloadurl setup on this forum and other forums).

Here is a description of what happens when someone was to connect to my server and have to download a map: They will connect fine, the map seemingly completely downloads for them (as in, they download the exact same size that the map file is). At this point, it will simply disconnect them saying "Missing map <map name here>, disconnecting". I KNOW the webspace works fine because my friend who also runs a Garry's Mod server uses the exact same webspace as I do and his downloads work fine. The webspace works fine with all other file transfers (materials, sounds etc) on my server, it's only a problem with the map files (.bsp.bz2 of course).

I have read around and seen people with problems where they get disconnected for missing maps too but they are only advised to double check their URL setups. The strangest thing for me here is that the map actually DOES seem to download to the client but just decides to disconnect them afterwards.

I have:
sv_downloadurl "url here"
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

I'm pretty lost here guys. So far nothing I have tried has even begun to work. It is not a problem with the webspace, but rather a problem with my server - even though everything is apparently setup correctly. Help would be very appreciated. Thanks.
Like you said, it's not a problem with the space, the people we advise to check the URl do have problems with that.

I don't have much experience with mapping etc. or how the server checks this (since it's all built into the engine). All I can think of at this time is to make sure the maps are the same as the maps that are running on the server.
To make sure this is correct, you can download the bz2's from your space and extract them in the servers maps folder to be certain it's the exact same map.

PS. Thanks for taking time to write down the problem in correct English and high level of detail!
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