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Why does adding bots via server.cfg cause a segfault!??!!?!?
I've spent the last 12 hours trying to figure out why my freshly deployed server isn't working. Turns out that this:

sv_cheats 1
bot -team red -class medic -name "Medic 1"
sv_cheats 0

Causes a segfault.
Sticking this into another script (eg: bots.cfg) and calling it via server.cfg causes a segfault.

Running exec bots.cfg while the server is online does NOT cause a segfault. WTF!

EDIT: Oh and it's been in the last few updates where this has happened. I have the exact same script in another server.cfg on a non-updated server and they work fine.

EDIT2: I'm on TF2 btw.

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