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fix to "overflowed reliable channel" exploit?
I run a surf server, and while it doesn't cause any permanent harm, the exploit which kicks everyone for "overflowed reliable channel" is beginning to pop up several times daily, and it's not always easy for us to determine who is causing it. Would it be possible to create a script (I am fairly proficient in eventscripts) to look for what it is that causes this, and then ban the offending client? Or is there even a cvar or something which I can set to prevent this?

I chatted with someone who was doing it on my server, and it involves making lots of aliases to essentially spam timeleft and nextmap in the console. I believe nextmap is built-in to the css engine, but nextmap as far as I know needs a plugin such as mani to be a valid command. I don't think there's any way to disable these, but perhaps it's possible to write a script which blocks the server accepting these commands from the console when sent in rapid succession?
After a bit of collaboration with some of the people who were using the crash script, I have put together a quick and dirty workaround which appears to prevent script kiddies from dropping clients via the channel overflow exploit. You can find the script here:

It basically just checks to make sure that people aren't sending the commands which can be used to drop clients at an absurd rate. If such a thing happens, it will kick the offender and print their name in the chat area. It's probably not the best or most efficient way to do this, but as far as I can tell it works. I'm not sure if these are all the commands which one can use to cause it, but after some very brief testing it seems to work consistently.
Hmm interesting, never heard of it before, good to keep our eyes open!
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Looks Good. Thank Viper
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Do I install this just as a Eventscripts script? Anything else?
Yes, install Eventscripts 2.0.

And then create a file called:

Put that in: addons/eventscript/ownscript/

And add es_load ownscript to your autoexec.cfg
Then change map or restart your server, and it should work.
Good job, I have never encountered that kind of problems on my server, but in case I do I will use this.
I put that script on and then it just segment faults whenever i start the server.
okay, well, i used this script with absoultly no luck.

i even downloeded it straight from

no luck.

if anyone has a way to fix this, it would be GREATLY apreciated.

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