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100 tick OUT/IN
Hey all,

I just purchased a quad core server with 8gb of ram and a raptor HD. I installed srcds on it and ran a server. I started WMP in the background to get the full 100 tic IN.

For some reason, my out sits around the 60's, up and down to 80's and 90's but settles at 60's/70's tick. When I go to the server I rent from a gaming company, My in and out tick are 101 and sometimes take a little drop but never in the 60's/70's.

This is a beast of a machine just running 1 srcds and WMP..Why is my out tick dropping like that? Well not even dropping, it will just never hit 100. Obviously it's not me because I get 100 in and out on the server I rent. Can anyone help?
What's the FPS on the server?
What game?
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It is counter strike: Source. The fps variable in the server.cfg is fps_max 600. As I said this machine is BEASTLY, I'm thinking I can easily run 5 srcds's out of it without a hiccup.
Dont run WMP.
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DerekRDenholm Wrote:Dont run WMP.
Why not?

You need some program to initialise the windows multimedia timer... Whether its WMP, srcdsboost, or a flash application shouldn't make a difference - they all do the same thing.
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The OUT is actually bound to the FPS of your computer, it has nothing to do with the server.
When you look up in the sky or down on the floor your FPS should be max, if the FPS of the client is higher than 100 the OUT will be 100.
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