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Remote control program for ubuntu?
Hey guys,Ive been using srcds for about a week now for two servers on the same box. It works great, but I need my monitor back for another computer. Is there any program I can use that is similar to TCAdmin for ubuntu and free? Thanks Guys!
Have a look at Webmin: or just use SSH
~ trewq
I just recently tried webmin, But couldn't find an easy way to start up the server, restart it and shut it off. Can anyone help with that? I tried following someones advice on a blog, but couldn't get it to work.


I just tried ssh and had semi-success, but if I closed out of PuTTY, it killed the server (this is from another computer). Is there anyway to use ssh to control the servers, and still be able to close out of PuTTY without killing the server?

Please help i wont be able to use the monitor tomorrow...
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~ trewq

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