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I was wondering if anybody knew of some legal agreements/rules you must obey to sell admin on a server. My bad if i posted this in the wrong section.
Well, I don't really think there are rules, legal agreements, or precedures you need to do or obey to sell admin on a server. It all depends on the owner. It's his/her decision to sell admin on their server and input their own price. You don't have to sell admin, some server owners give it for free depending if they trust a person or have long known them. Basically it depends what the owner of the server wants....there's nothing to obey or follow when selling/giving admin to players.

Here's a guide about srcds and plus other tips on the bottom of the guide.
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Thanks that helps a bunch.
But I have another question by selling admin will the Goverment tax your income?
Is it taxable? I believe the answer to that is yes. Will you report it? No idea.
Forsaken Wrote:Is it taxable? I believe the answer to that is yes. Will you report it? No idea.
Thanks I'm going to continue my research on this. Thanks for the help.
dont even bother reporting it. its not worth it. pocket it.
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Just see it as a donation or some money you get from a friend on your birtday.

Really I run a company and my tax office doesn't even care about how I turn in really, they start to bother with amounts that are sick high only.
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Its a donation? You dont pay a tax on a donation. Do you pay tax when you take money from a birthday?
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