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How do I: Set up a CS:S FTP from scratch
Hello, I have been prawling the web to day trying to find an extremely detailed tutorial that I can use to figure out how to get an FTP server set up for my CS:S server. Consider maybe I don't know everything about PHP, this is my first venture into that. Could someone here be kind enough to spend some of they're time to type a "detailed" tutorial for me to set up an FTP server, without paying, I'd appreciate if you could direct me to some free server programs I could run simultaneously with my server running, It's a dedicated server. All help is very appreciated, thanks a lot!
I use FilleZilla for Windows. However Windows Server 2003 should have FTP built in.

Sorry, no time to explain it. Someone else might be able to?
But IDK if sv_download can use FTP.......
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#3 my second post on this thread. This is how you can make your own server a ftp or sv_downloadurl for your game server. You will need to download wamp the rest on this thread...second post by me. can use other sites for a sv_downloadurl such as Diino...
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