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To set up a Free Garrysmod Dedicated Server.
Ok the first two things that you need to get information about is.

1. Rcon commands and how it works.
2. Port forwarding 27015 Ports to be able to have people joining if you are behind a router. Otherwise you should only get the DMZ up and there you go.

4. Follow ALL the instructions that is given AT the website and in the INSTALLATION.

Just download the whole packade from that site.

It's a guy aka (armpit) who is really good a scripting and such,
He is reachable at yahoo, msn and all sorts of things, All information is located at his site.

If you need any further help contact me here on the forums or email.

Luburium - Hoster & Scripter
most people have trouble with the port forwarding when trying to do this... the best site i have found for help is they have excellent tutorials
Clan uBp has servers available in any game starting at $.75 cents a slot. Full TCadmin and RCON FREE. Great tech support. Excellent Ping, servers on on Quad core boxes located in Dallas Texas.

Email for your FREE DEMO SERVER!!!
Luburium Wrote:3.

Armpit sold the website/domain to, so his software isn't around anymore. I would recommend just using this tutorial, which I find easier anyways.
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