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Port Forwarding and NAT Firewall
Hi, I'm using a Belkin N Wireless router (F5D8633-4) and im trying to forward the ports. I dont know if what i have here is correct in the screen print (See picture attached).
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The only way at the moment to get through and allow my Source Dedicated Server to run is my enabling DMZ mode. which is putting myself out of my routers NAT Firewall. But when im out of the NAT Firewall, no one else in my house can connect to the internet (They can connect to the router for a bit of the time but not load up anything on Internet Explorer) through their wireless laptops. Please tell me why this is happening.
Not to ruin any of your plans but, running servers on wireless just doesn't work.
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lol. Yea its bad enough running it from a home connection but a wireless connection eeek.
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He actually might not be running it on wireless, he just said the laptops use wireless Toungue. Anyway, by the looks of it, you arn't forwarding ALL the ports. These are the required ports:
Goofy666 Wrote:Are you sure you have all the needed ports open, and forwarded to the server? I have these ports forwarded, which works fine:

[UDP] 1200 (used for Steam's Friends service)
[UDP] 27000 to 27015 (so that means all ports in between too)
[TCP] 27030 to 27039 (idem)
=> these are all Steam related ports

[UDP] 27015 and 27020 (default DS port, also used for HLTV)
[TCP] 27015 (you want to forward this for RCON access)
=> these ports are used by the dedicated server itself
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