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need help \need a gungame cfg
how do i make the gungame cfg? well at least someone tell me how to make it to were there is no round no round restart
You'll have to use CSSDM to eliminate the round times and make people respawn.
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were can i find it?
racou2 Wrote:were can i find it?

When you say no round restart, Do you mean DeathMatch?

I'm very sure GunGame has a feature like that already but not sure if it works. The GunGame CFG file can be found in the cstrike/CFG/gungame folder. Its called gg_en_config.cfg

Scroll down, you should find it in there. (search for deathmatch)

If it doesn't work then get CSSDM like Drocona siad.

You can find CSS DM here:

****Read the Instructions very very carefuly.******
You need to installed the following 2 mods BEFORE installing CSS DM.

Good luck

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