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Wcs Version[HELP]
Hey's me again..the annoying boy with mods..Toungue ..i want help..i mean..Wcs new versions are so complicated..i add skills,races etc..can anybody give me a wcs simple version?with all races and good shopmenu...??thanks for watching my threads..
Like I said in your other thread, I can in no possible way learn all the mods people make, best guess is to ask at the website of the makers really.
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yeah..i know you drocona..i see you in all the threads..xP..idk..well..another problem..maybe you can's rpg..i want to change the maximum lvl of skills..i go to cssrpg105.cfg..i change but in the server are not changed..i think there is another file too that i must change but i can't find it..tell me your opinion
for rpg settings to apply just exec cssrpg105.cfg or restart the server
~ trewq
omg..i am not a noob man..i did it..50000000 hours ago

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