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Looking for a few people for GSP
I'm putting this here and not the advertisment pit because im not advertising, im recruiting.

I'm currently looking into Starting my own GSP (GameServer Provider)

Current there are 3 people including myself. I am looking for a few people who are interested. Some people im looking for are:

-Serious and mature people
-People with Linux/UNIX knowledge
experience with running games on Linux

-People with decent windows knowledge
experience with running games on windows

-people with security knowledge

I will also be looking for some people to at least help out with a budget. These people will also help out with sales team.

Those that provide servers will help out with tech. Those that wish to help that can provide servers but have no *nix exp. I am willing to teach them as much as i can.

Keep in mind this is not a free ride, people must also be willing to contribute servers, or at least cut in for half as well as provide some support. I am currently working on a plan but atm working on a web interface where we can communicate about the plan. I am also compiling a list of datacenters to look in to. If you think you'd be willing to join, private message me, send me an email, or reply on here with your skills and knowledge. Serious people only need apply.


By the way, Japje or SirTiger, if you don't approve of this, let me know.
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ok, seems like people aren't responding because its not a free ride, or they don't think they get anything from it,
So we're clear, those that contribute servers, will get 50% from what their server makes a month, reguardless if its profit or not. the other 50% will go into a pot a or pot b for more servers. it would be 4 server contribs to a pot, each server contrib will get a split off from what what the server their pot brings in.. or something like that.. i haven't fully brought it out, i need more people before thinking this further. You location does not matter so you know.
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How are you doing I am also looking at developing my own GSP business. Most of the tools have all ready been put in place and the start up companys cause be done with very little money. Plus there are at least 15 data centers in the US alone plus New Data centers going up in Europe.

Please let me know what your goals are I might be interested but at the same time even if I still keep to my own its worth discussing. Theres alot of ideas out there and I've been researching for the past 2 months.

I found 1 company that is affordable and they give you full control with 900 gb per month with a pent 4 2.4 ghz 1 gig of ram and 2 x 80 gig sata hard drives for $125 per month.

I am currently running 3 TFC Servers at 32 slot each & 1 64 slot cs source server. I havent experienced any lag issues at all and still have 1 more slot on the server to put another game server.

8 Players Public $19.95
10 Players Public $24.95
12 Players Public $29.95
14 Players Public $34.95
16 Players Public $39.95
18 Players Public $44.95
20 Players Public $49.95
22 Players Public $54.95
24 Players Public $59.95
26 Players Public $64.95
28 Players Public $69.95
30 Players Public $74.95
32 Players Public $79.95
34 Players Public $84.95
36 Players Public $89.95
38 Players Public $94.95
40 Players Public $99.95
42 Players Public $104.95
44 Players Public $109.95
46 Players Public $114.95
48 Players Public $119.95
50 Players Public $124.95
52 Players Public $129.95
54 Players Public $134.95
56 Players Public $139.95
58 Players Public $144.95
60 Players Public $149.95
62 Players Public $154.95
64 Players Public $159.95

That is what I am looking at per server.

Like I said please email and we can dicuss further.

I have been thinking of doing something like this to make extra money as well. Although you have a rather lengthy post, I'm still not clear exactly what it is your looking for.
I am currently a sys admin for a major University. I have Windows and Linux administration experience. I am also currently running my own public server.
If you still looking for people, shoot me an email with more details about exactly what you have in mind.

My Email Address

its ok cryotek, and you know if you need any help you can always ask Smile
To be (an admin), or not to be (an admin), that is the Question. steam linux install guide for cs 1.6
Hey Cryotek

I am keen to find out more of you plans.

I have recently started my 1st server and am very interested in being involved in whatever way I can.

The server is Red hat 9 with mani_admin V1.1.0g and will be upgrading to V1.1.0i tonight.

Please email me if there is any way I can help.

kind regrads

Well, how much experience do you have? uis your server at your house? or a remote dedicated server?
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
cryotek i dont fully understand what your doing but i have a home server i am more than willing to donate dedicated server slot for you the computer is a
athlon64 300+
2gig ddr400
160gig SATA with 8meg
running off a 3meg NTL cable modem on a fibre optic system
(this server is in uk) if you tell me how to setup different servers on the on server than i can give you full access to one to help you on your way!
ps i can donate a 14player slot dedicated to you Smile
I created a forum for this purpose today. This thread can stay here unless you want it there of course Smile

I think it's handy to have a forum where people can be recruited and people can ventilate their opinions and experiences of running a GSP. (Game Server Provider)
cryotek Wrote:Well, how much experience do you have? uis your server at your house? or a remote dedicated server?

I now have two servers both Redhat 9.

At the moment is is at my house but will be moving it off site soon.

I don't have alot of experience with linux at the moment. I am willing to learn.
Hi, I regsitered here because I am interested in this. I have a server that I was thinking of Co Locating for a few months to see if I could make money on somthing like this. I could, providing I can get the money somehow, put the machine in a rack case, upgrade it a tad, more RAM and maybe a new CPU and put it in a Co Location data center. I have experiance with Linux (Mandrake, Fedora and some Live Distro's) and Windows. I currently have VMWare running on Windows 2000 Professional with Win 2000 Pro running inside there again. My email is I can't put an awfull lot of money into it, hence the plan of getting 3 months CO-LO and seeing if that made enough to be worth it.

Just incase you want to know, the server's current specs are:

Sempron 3000 CPU
384 MB DDR 266 RAM
200W PSU
Socket 7 cooler on the CPU, very small, but works well

Email me ASAP if you are interested in using this server as a UK server. I can upgrade if required, but again, because of a lack of money due to my bike, I can't spend too much on it.

cryotek are you still looking for People??

I have experience with running hl2 and hl1 games on windows. I been doing it for 2 years with my clan. The servers run off win 2000 in a data center in chicago. it is a 1u rack server. I am also have some knowledge of windows networking. I also have experience with serverdoc. (if that matters) Also ran vent servers off the same box.

Dual amd 2400 mp
tyan mobo
2 2100 gig ecc ram

For the last 6 weeks I also been running games server of another 1u in chicago with fedora core 4 installed Still learning but it is going very well.

I would suggest start with a datacenter in Chicago.
That is Were I am hosting my Current Boxes


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