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Server redirect?
Went onto a random server tonight.
Server name is CBA || Peanut Gallery
Somehow took me to Q Dust2 server?
How does that happen?
Kind of auto changed me.
Mani has a thing where if the server is full it can take you to another server
~ trewq
That doesn't actually work....

What game was this on? CSS or 1.6?
Clan of Doom:

This was on Source. CSS
I heard from others that they joined server and it took them to a Q server.
First time I have seen it myself. Found it kind of odd. Server was not full was like 29 out of 32 players.
reserverd slots on the server you were on O.o
[Image: 3386928252.png]
this can also be done with eventscripts
~ trewq
I just found it odd because the server I joined seemed to not even be there.
The same players where on both ip's it showed.
What eventscripts would do this? Smile
There isn't any that do it automatically, however check my thread out here:
Clan of Doom:


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