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[HELP]Wcs mod
Hi's me.. remember me from rpg..maybe...however i want to try wcs in my server..i use it with eventscripts and eventscriptstools put the correct place each file..but it's not wcs any command..example:wcs_version is says unknown command normally it would says the version of the wcs that i have..can anybody give me steps..and which settings to the files?It would be VERY greatful..if someone could help me..thanks..for..whatever.. Toungue..Help plz..
It's easy:

How to install wc3.
(Required Eventscritps 2.0 and ES Tools version .420)

1. Download the .zip from:
Click here for download and guide
2. Extract all the files.
3. put this es_load wcs line into your autoexec.cfg
4. Restart server
5. You're done.
autoexec.cfg?you mean server.cfg...? nvm i did it and i doesn't work..i check it again and nothing works..i go to consol i press shopmenu and it says unknown command...
sorry for douyble posting..ok i found it Big Grin thanks !!
the problem is that ultimate and ability don't work what to do?? :/
dionisakis Wrote:the problem is that ultimate and ability don't work what to do?? :/

Read the instrucksions, please.

Everything about that, comes up when you choice that race, or go to the homepage in the first link, i think there might be a forum to wc3 on

(Dunno where it is)
well i downloaded another section..of wcs...better..but when i start my says an error:The application or DLL C:/srcds/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/wcs/es_WCS_config_db.txt is not a valid Windows image.Please Check this against your installation diskette. but the server crashes when a player connects...i went to this file..es_WCS_config_db.txt and it's like this:
// #############################################
// #############################################

// language of the most messages ingame (atm supported: "en" "de" "se")
"wcs_language" "en"

// welcome text (set "0" to deactivate), delay of 10 seconds (limit: 70 chars)
"wcs_welcometext" "1"
// welcome gui text (limit: 480 chars), delay of 5 seconds
"wcs_welcomeguitext" "1"
// spawn text, showed up every round. Good for new servers with WCS beginners. Set 0 to disable
"wcs_spawntext" "1"
// if a player reaches this level, no welcome/gui/spawn text will appear
"wcs_cfg_disabletextonlvl" "20"

// ADMINS ARE NOW IN A NEW FILE: WCSadmin/es_WCSadmin_db.txt

// You need to enable SQL support, TXT file support or BOTH. But you should not disable both.
// enable SQL, you need a local or remote MySQL server (setup in WCSsql/es_WCSsql.txt)
//"wcs_cfg_enablesql" "0"
// save players in local .txt file
"wcs_cfg_enabletxtfile" "1"

// how many players are required to gain XP
"wcs_minplayers" "0"

// should friendlyfire be set to 0 (checked on mapstart)
"wcs_friendlyfire" "0"

// how many XP is required to levelup (level * xp)
"wcs_levelxp" "80"

// XP-boost, this additional XP is given for EACH LEVEL when killing a higher level enemy (set 0 to disable)
"wcs_xpboost" "4"

// Turbo XP mode, but ranks are not saved !! (Reset every mapchange, no save/load, no top10)
"wcs_turbomode" "0"
"wcs_turbomultiplier" "5"

// Save XP every X rounds (only good for an unstable server or 24/7 map server)
"wcs_cfg_savexpround" "10"

// limit strong races only for high-level players ? / specific people ?
"wcs_cfg_requiredlevel" "1"
"wcs_cfg_restrictedrace" "1"
"wcs_cfg_maxracelevel" "1"

// enable top10 ranking
"wcs_enabletop10" "1"

// gained XP
"wcs_killxp" "30" // standard kill
"wcs_knifexp" "40" // knife kill (also spade and punch in DOD:S)
"wcs_plantxp" "15" // planted the bomb
"wcs_explodexp" "15" // bomb exploded
"wcs_defusexp" "30" // bomb defused
// CS:S only
"wcs_headshotxp" "15" // headshot !
"wcs_hostagexp" "5" // rescued a hostage
// DOD:S only
"wcs_tickcredits" "100" // for each tick
"wcs_roundwoncredits" "5000" // for a won round, for each player

// ultimate level requirement
"wcs_ultimatelevel" "8"

// after this time (plus freezetime), ultimates can be used
"wcs_cfg_ulti_warmup" "10"

// global level handling (like v2.0.x), so all races are on the same level !
"wcs_cfg_globallevel" "0"

// help for new players, give that levels
"wcs_cfg_newplayerbonus" "5"

// shotgun penalty, give that value in % less chance to activate player_hurt skills
"wcs_cfg_shotgunchance" "30"

// should showskills give details like skillsinfo ? (good for new servers)
"wcs_showskills_details" "0"

//changerace details for each race
"wcs_cfg_changeracedetails" "1"

// don't allow 'resetskills' and 'changerace' during round, delay it until next round
// recommended settings for ZombieMod (ZM) !!
"wcs_cfg_changeracenextround" "0"
"wcs_cfg_resetskillsnextround" "0"

// enable race team limit
"wcs_cfg_enableraceteamlimit" "1"
// force players with a limited race to spec
"wcs_cfg_limitedraceforcespec" "0"

// annouce top10 changes
"wcs_cfg_top10announce" "1"

// take XP on using "resetskills", number in percent of current level XP
"wcs_cfg_resetskillspenalty" "10"

// bot settings
// May bots get XP and levelup ?
"wcs_cfg_allowbotsgetxp" "1"
// Can players get XP by killing bots ?
"wcs_cfg_allowbotsreward" "1"
// allow bots to rule the top10 ?
"wcs_cfg_allowbotstop10" "0"

// show sound and graphic effects, disable if you got trouble or don't like it (effects on levelup and skills)
"wcs_soundfx" "1"
"wcs_graphicfx" "1"
// show flash effects when skills are used
"wcs_cfg_skillflash" "1"

// show total player count (will cause buffer overflow on large database!!)
"wcs_showtotalplayers" "0"

// noskywalking - another teleport method, to avoid skywalking and wall-hiding - recommended 1 !
"wcs_noskywalking" "1"

// set this to 1 if you want explode effects (e.g. Suicide Bomber) to inflict friendly players in range
"wcs_cfg_friendlyexplosion" "0"

// autocleanup - will cleanup if your server reaches 6000 players. Recommended if you suppose to reach that value !!
// its also important to set a correct deletedays, recommended is 7 or 14 days
"wcs_autocleanup" "0"
// delete player after X days of inactivity ! [ 7 = default ]
"wcs_deletedays" "7"

// disable feedback/support formular
"wcs_nofeedback" "0"

// disable the shopmenu and give XP instead of credits, you will get XP like 10% of the credits amount (DOD:S only !!)
"wcs_cfg_dods_noshopmenu" "0"

// disable the whole shopmenu
"wcs_cfg_noshopmenu" "0"

//just for check - DON'T MODIFY
"wcs_cfg_set" "1"

if you see at the start there is something like that:// You need to enable SQL support, TXT file support or BOTH. But you should not disable both.
// enable SQL, you need a local or remote MySQL server (setup in WCSsql/es_WCSsql.txt)
//"wcs_cfg_enablesql" "0"

well..i think this is the problem..but i can't understand what the hell it wants..can anybody give me the correct text?"NOTICE:if i enable makes me again the same error"
well..i opened my did the error..then i pressed es_unload wcs
then it removed wcs,then i pressed es_laod wcs
it loaded wcs..and i connect without's every time that i open my server i will do this..Smile..thanks for your help
add that to your server.cfg so you don't have to do it manually Smile
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I have the same problem and when i load wcs ingame on server, it doesnt crash, it just says this:

Could not open script for addons/eventscripts/wcs/es_wcs.txt
Error source (console): (no script)

Any idea how to fix this?

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