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Garry's Mod - connection loses
I am having a GMod server (running on Win2003) and it's behaving rather strange. Yes, people can connect. Yes, people can do stuff.

But sometimes the connection just gets lost.. all clients say "timeout" and then.. in the server list, the server isn't responding (It can't be even found on the machine running it) however the server console is still visible and it shows the stuff people did - it just doesn't realize either, people have disconnected.

Several minutes later (10 to 30 minutes) the server is back with no data loss at all. And now should I understand this?

Are there any network or server settings I could try?
I tested an Apache web server which ran perfectly.

Thank you,

okay, sorry to bump myself.. if people can help I have some information:

I just checked the console: the server was unavailible again.. and I waited..
and then the message popped up in the console: "VAC secure mode is activated"
and thus: the server was back availible.. do I see it correctly the server is losing connection to master servers which is the reason clients disconnect (and the server doesn't even notice)?
Does your server run on a wireless network maybe?
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no, it's a rented dedicated server - and I doubt my provider uses wireless connections

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