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Random Lag
It seems after about an hour or two of running a server on my old computer which has a 2.0 processor 1.5gigs of ram and a 512 kbps upload rate with five people the the ping starts to increase more and more even for me. Half way through everyone including me will start getting a ping of 500 even though the computers an inch from me. By the end the computer has lost all connection to the internet while all other computers on the network run perfectly fine with 100% speed. It will only fix on the computer when I restart the entire computer. I tested my isp for throtteling and it doesn't appear to do that. That computer and my main computer are run into an D-link ethernet switch which is supplied internet from a wrt54g router. All ports are dmzed for the computer and all firewalls are off. It is a fresh install of windows also.
I'd take a good look at:
CPU usage
Memory usage
System temperatures

See if you find any of those out of their normal range when the pings go up
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The cpu useage is at about 1% and it gets a solid fps that doesn't change. I'll have to put up another server and look at memory and temp's. But for a hl2 mod server I would wonder if it would really use 1.5 gigs of ram for 5 people or put enough strain for overheating. I did clean the fan also before my reinstall. But i'll get the ram usage and temp's.
I get pretty much the exact same thing. And it only started like last week or so. Although the pings don't go up, everyone just gets lagged out and no one can join the server. Still haven't found anything to fix it.
Ram useage is low and temp's are fine. Still can't figure it out. Computer seems to have no lag but internets dead no one can join or even me.

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