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Vac 2
is it released. I have read on forums that it is, but can't seem to find out where to d/l it?

I had a collegue tell me it was released yesterday and that loads of servers he checked are up and running it?

if not, and he's talking crap, what do you guys run to stop cheaters, other than being ingame and watching them play?
VAC2 is still in beta mode, currently its only logging cheats, not banning. when it gets released, there will be an update for srcds and possible sv_secure will enable VAC2 no one knows this yet. its release date has yet to be determined, and it will NOT be announced when its released.

Currently there is no anti-cheat for source yet, so only thing you can do really is manually ban users.
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TY again cryotek...

stealth | i tried that, but the dude try to nick all my stuff. had to ban him Smile

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