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Quality Dedciated Clan Packages
hi all, as others are advertising why not.

we currently have limited supply on two types of clan packages that are on offer.
One is called an advanced package and the other called overkill.

normal price of our advanced dedicated clan packages

normal price of our overkill dedicated clan packages

Special Offers are

the advanced package, we are offering between 4 to 6 servers max, for only 55 uk pounds.

The overkill package, we are offering between 8 to 12 servers max for only 80 uk pounds.

these packages are not on the website due to been a limited offer.

we guarentee unlimited bandwidth, no lag, good reg, mod support,
1 on 1 assistance, responsive support. specification are as below,
Game panels are due as of next week, other than that we would assist with setting the servers up for you.

Specifications of all our systems

Power of Intel Quad Xeon.
4 Gid DDR registered.
10 to 30 gig SCSI RAID filing system.
Linux Inode fc5 OS
Unlimited Bandwidth ( tier 1 )
located in london UK

Both systems offer

- Domain Options -

Apache - MYSQL -Mail server - Web server - FTP server
Fast downloads - webspace

any questions or any interest to any of these systems, please dont hesitate to contact me,
always doing deals every week.

msn :
email :
website :

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