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SRCDS Crash on Startup
Recently, my server running on windows s2k3 crashed for some random reason. I am unsure what caused this as I did not change anything the day it crashed (and it has been working fine for weeks prior to this event), it just seemingly randomly entered a state where it will now crash upon starting; I have my batch script setup to restart it so it enters an infinite loop. I am sure it is not a hardware issue as I have copied the entire server folder and tried running it on a different computer with the same results. The final error messages before the crash are located in this image file:

I've done some pretty extensive google searches but no one seems to have any idea what causes this or how to fix it. I'm wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences, and how/if you managed to fix it?
At this point, if I can't get it to work I'm considering a fresh install and just porting over all my settings, but I'd like to avoid all that work if at all possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I just talked to one of the regulars on my server, and apparently when this happened last night someone in my server said they were going to crash it. It appears that they did a good job because not only did it break my installation/configuration, when I go to run the hldsupdatetool and do a -verify_all, while the progress percentage is going it starts at 0.00% and stays there for a while, then abruptly jumps to 154300.00% and then finishes at 348441500.00%

Whatever they did, they did it well because my shit is broke...
I realized after the crash that I was not running the most recent version of the hlds, so hopefully a fresh install will prevent future events like this. It'll also give me a chance to update a few of the plugins (such as eventscripts) that I'm running, several of which also have newer versions out than what I was running.

UPDATE: I can't be certain but it seems there have been some issues with recent versions of different plugins conflicting with the most recent version of the srcds, I'll update here if I find out more...
They MIGHT be able to crash your server but they can not break it, the update function is just bugged, it always jumps to some billion number percentage too.

I just took a look at your screenshot, looks like a crappy eventscripts plugin that may have had a breach in it?
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