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Mani Admin plugin is crashing my server...
Ok, so I had my dedicated server running fine for CS:S with metamod installed ok but whenever i add it to the metaplugins.ini the server fails to start and i get an error saying 'The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000005) occurred in the application at location 0x140c3f26' I figured that maybe my OS had something to do with it since i have xp pro x64 edition and i found someone on the mani forums with the same problem and OS but he managed to fix it by not adding the line in the metaplugins.ini instead manually adding the line after the server started up, and doing that worked it loaded the plugin and the mani_server.cfg. But now the problem is once i do that if any player try's to connect or there is a mapchange it crashes every time with the same error when its sending client info. So at this point i am also trying to contact that other person to see if he can help me out some more but I'm looking for help anywhere i can lol. Oh and i also tried using earlier versions and that didnt change a thing, ill admit i havent tried every damn one of them but enough to know that the version isnt the problem. So any ideas?
Try mani V1.2o
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