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Recently lowered performance with srcds
Hello, A few months ago I was running a Counterstrike: Source server under Linux and everything was just fine. It was a 16 player 100 tick surf server. It was using moderate amounts of CPU when the server was full (80%-90%) but it never hit 100 and the FPS stayed at 495 (checked with the stats command). I had to discontinue the server for a few different reasons and recently I decided to start it up again. The only thing that had changed is a few updates to the source engine but now performance is terrible. This is a typical stats output:

99.90 7760.59 14815.27 9637 63 460.62 3

It's always 99.90, always. only 3 people on the server too. But, when I check the process through top, I see this:

5690 css_03 20 0 277m 191m 15m S 15.6 9.4 97:45.90 srcds_i686

Which basically says that it's only using 15.6% of my CPU.

The server usually stays in the 300-450 fps area but frequently dips down to 0-30 fps which results in a momentary freeze for all the players, or as they call it "LAAAAAAAAG" :p. I don't know why this is happening, I didn't think the hardware requirements for srcds had increased for non-orange box servers. Here's the specs of the server:

Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.2Ghz
2gb DDR2-667 ram
Using kernel with 1000Hz modification.

I realize the CPU is a bit dated, but I am pretty sure it's not the reason for the performance degradation. I really appreciate any insight on this problem.
Anyone?? I've ordered a new 3GHz Wolfdale Core 2 dual and a new mobo which should help just a tad with performance. Doesn't touch a Dual quad-core Xeon setup but it should get the job done. Does anyone have any thoughts on why the performance is so low with my current hardware??
Finally got my wolfdale proc and according to the people playing lag is gone. Kinda sucks the requirements went up on srcds. Sad

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