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banning steam id's from server
ok, my first post, probably not the last Smile

i dont know if its the right place to ask this question , but what the hell.

we have some problems banning players steam id from our server , i have tried banning them when they are playing , used the rcon ban , also used writeid when done banning them. and banning them permamently.

the issue is that they stay banned for some hours, their steamid pop up when i write listid in main server window , but all of a sudden they arent banend anymore, it seems like the server unban them in no time.

im not really sure what the issue could be, some feedback would be highly appriciated Smile

[Star]Ole Josef
Add the following to your server config...
exec "banned_user.cfg"

That should make it work then... However I haven't had much luck with that either :\

My banned_user.cfg file always seems to be cleaned...
yep, i will try that mate
its a weird thing btw , when people curse to much on the server they get autobanned after awhile, they stay in the ban list, but people that we ban for cheating etc etc, dont stay banned..

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